1. my life. 

  2. pooped

  3. oh so sexual.

  4. Spring, sprang, sprung. I need to make this a print.

  5. Too bad to realize I’m walking down the worst path ever. Too dumb to see that I was finding love to easliy.

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  6. There’s a reason she’s my phone background.

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  7. Me last night

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  8. I want them all. thinking of legitimately starting a mini garden with these….just scared they might die. 

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  9. face without coffee

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  10. When the men’s sale section at Jcrew has been filled/replenished

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  11. overdone but still perfect.

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  12. perfect.

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  13. Me after I cut my hair :)

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  14. This hoodie needs to be in my life….

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  15. Such a great sword should have a name. What shall I call her?

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